Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October Healthy Selfies

A new month and many more great shots of our Chelsea School family staying healthy in so many ways. Take a minute to enjoy the pictures and stories...and consider joining the fun! Send a picture of you, your family, or your students engaged in any sort of healthy activity to lstrong@chelsea.k12.mi.us and you'll receive a gift card (although I'm almost out!)

SUP Judee?
 Judee Lonnemo enjoys some solitude along with exercise while paddleboarding this summer.

Hiker Aloha
 Intrepid CHS English teacher, John Zainea, out for an afternoon hike in Hawaii.

Grand Shot
 Another intrepid CHS English teacher, Rachael Wismont, enjoys a spot on the 
north ridge of the Grand Canyon.

Nailed it!
 Eric Robinson, 2nd grade teacher, basks in the satisfaction
of setting a new PR on his run.

Fall Family Time
 The Montgomery Family out for a Fall family walk.

Keeping CHS math healthy
Chris Orlandi continues his quest to keep the CHS math deparment fit and healthy
through modeling daily hydration and healthy food consumption.

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