Thursday, September 15, 2016

New School Year, New Healthy Selfies!

Enjoy this new edition of Chelsea School's Healthy Selfies! These represent our stories of staying active and fit as a family within our schools.
Send me your pictures of yourself, your family and/or your students engaged in any sort of healthy activity and receive a free $10 gift card to Jimmy John's or Running Fit!

Healthy and kind
Mr. Swager's boys cross country team taking a moment to express well-wishes to the Hinz family

The Real 8 Mile
Emily Verbeke and crew enjoy biking the 8 miles around Mackinaw Island this summer

Kodak Moment
 Bil Arons and his family enjoy a hike around Valentia Island in Ireland this summer

 What a Racket
 Shannon Krug, CHS media clerk, and daugher enjoying some Calvinball

 Trail Guys
 Matt Pedlow, Jason Murphy and Mike Kapolka hit the trails in preparation for 
a Fall trail race.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
CHS teacher Dawn Putnam and daughter after a recent Mother-Daughter run
(PS - Daughter beat mother!)

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