Friday, January 15, 2016

Healthy Selfies: January 2016 edition

Keeping Fit on the Break
John Zainea heads out for a walk at the Dexter Wellness Center
on the first day of Christmas break.

Swimming to Health
Shannon Krug recently participated in Chelsea Aquatic Club's
parent-swimmer relay party. She's also joined the Friday night
master's swimming for the winter.

Sky Zone Fun
Jake and Zach Vetor having fun at "Skyzone"

Working with Friends
Independence Hall staff members enjoy time and a laugh together

Keeping Eyes Healthy
Chelsea pre-schoolers had their eyes checked through the 
Lions Club project, "Kidsight"...

  Festive @ North Creek
Kristin Krarup-Joyce and her North Creek colleagues enjoy
the holiday festivities together

Family Tree Hunt
Mike Kapolka (behind the camera) and his family
on a walk to find the perfect Christmas tree.

A True Fun Run
Jason Murphy (white sweater), along with his wife, brother and
friends play the part in costume during a fun run.

Wellness Workout
Matt Pedlow, CHS teacher, staying fit through
a recent workout at the gym.

Healthy Elfie
Humor is healthy! Melissa Struk playing the part
of an elf during the holidays in her class.

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