Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Healthy Selfies: ;December Edition

Enjoy this month's edition of Healthy Selfies: a visual story of the many ways the Chelsea School District family enjoys wellness.
Send your picture of any healthy activity to Luman Strong (lstrong@chelsea.k12.mi.us). Anyone submitting a picture will receive a $10 gift card to Jimmy Johns, Biggby or Running Fit.

Fall Golf

Jason Murphy sneaks in 18 holes of golf in November

Tennis Fit

Nick Bremer, CHS senior, staying fit through tennis this Fall.

Mother/Daughter run 

Lana Jaworski and her daughter after a run to South Lake.

 An Evening (indoor) jog

Theresa and Nick Angel staying healthy through an evening treadmill workout

 Healthy Siesta

Pre-schoolers with Jen Cieciek make sure to stay healthy by taking a daily rest.

Morning Yoga at CHS

Rachael Wismont and the CHS dance club for an early morning yoga session.

 Learning to Give

Shannon Krug helped her daughter donate over half her Halloween candy, toothbrushes and a homemade letter to "Operation Gratitude."

Taking the Stairs 

Ms. Dres' 5th grade class: staying healthy by taking the stairs at the Museum of Michigan History in Lansing during their field trip.

Snacking Healthy

Bo Bremer snacks on a bell pepper while finishing his homework.

History & Hiking

Matt Pedlow and the Civil War class from CHS walking up Culps Hill in Gettysburg, PA

Healthy Chore time

Holly Reiser's daughter helped her parents chop and haul firewood for the winter

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