Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Healthy Selfies: September Edition

The Chelsea School District wants employees and students who learn with sound mind and sound bodies. Healthy Selfies is a collection of the many healthy activities in which our school family participates.

5K Race

                                Chelsea High School Teacher Dawn Putnam recently completed a 5K

Searching for butterfly catterpillars
Students in Mrs. deGracia and Mrs. Reiser's classes have been searching in the evenings for monarch butterfly catterpillars to observe in their classrooms.

Tuesday Night Walks & Talks
CHS teachers R. Wismont and L. Lutz along with H. Conklin enjoy time together  
during a healthy stroll

Hydrating in Class
Beach Middle stuents, along with principal Nick Angel, make sure to stay hydrated  
throughout the school day.

From vine to homemade jellies
Homemade jelly the old-fashioned way: Picking grapes off the vine, Jane Rose made her own jams and jellies 

Building a goat pen
Lana Jaworski, along with her family, built a new goat pen. Fresh milk to follow!

5K Race Completed
Joe Ledbetter and his wife finishing up a 5K race in Flushing, MI

Practicing Mindfulness
Students begin Ms. Wismont's 5th hour class by practicing mindfulness techniques 
as they prepare to learn

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