Friday, November 22, 2013

The Story behind Putting on a Show

The third weekend of November saw the performances of the CHS production of the musical "Guys and Dolls." Those who were fortunate to see the show enjoyed the songs, the set, the costumes, and live music. Most likely, very few (other than parents of the students involved!) realized the immense effort performing a full musical demands.
What are the demands for performing a high school musical? For starters, people. A musical needs a producer and director (Carrie Sayer), an orchestra director (Rick Catherman), an auditorium manager and set designer (Chuck Griffin)...and a pianist, a costumer, a choreographer, someone in charge of makeup, a publicity director, multiple technicians, a stage manager, an army of parent volunteers to provide food and other services...and of course, the many musicians and actors/actresses. Next, a show must have time - and lots of it. Students tried out for the various roles in the script days after school started and began practices immediately after that: 10 weeks of rehearsing in all. As the performance dates drew closer, students on stage and in the orchestra would frequently rehearse 5 hours a night in preparation. A show demands communication and teamwork as well. Parents need to know pick-up times. The set director needs to know which sets to build. The pit director and producer have to align their rehearsal times. The make-up artist wants to show up with her kit for the right scenes. Keeping everyone in the loop weekly - if not daily - must happen in order for a show to be ready for performance. And finally...a show demands that all involved have fun.  Performing a full musical requires time, effort, perseverance...but in the end those who are involved enjoy every minute of the journey.
The Director and cast of "Guys and Dolls"

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