Friday, October 25, 2013

The story behind a "new" cafeteria

"School cafeteria". Various connotations no doubt come to mind upon hearing these words...and most are likely negative. Drab walls, old tiles and worn-out table and chairs may be the experience for many and contribute to these connotations.
During this past summer, CHS received several major building renovations and up-dates; one of which was new cafeteria furniture. New for 2013-2014: round, cafe-style tables, waist-high rectangular tables with stools and wavy long tables with individual seats. Our new furniture has not only granted a roomier feel during our three different lunch periods, but adds yet another reason for students, staff and the community to take pride in our building...and our cafeteria. We invite you to stop by to take a look at our "new" cafeteria - it may change your mind about what a "school cafeteria" is like!

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