Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Story of Giving

For Mr. Finger's Academic Learning Lab (A.L.L.) students, time in class is much more than learning a subject. A.L.L. students learn what community means: "We take care of our own" is a phrase used to describe the care and concern expected of each student toward other members in the class.
Recently, students have come to think of "our own" as including people outside the four walls of their classroom. "Our own" began to mean individuals and families in the greater Chelsea area who may need others' care and concern. And so began the charge for A.L.L. students to collect an array of items to donate to Chelsea's Faith in Action charity. Leading the charge for collecting items such as canned goods, bedding, toys, toothbrushes and diapers are students Lexi Beatty, Candice Williams and Chloe Millard. Everything will be donated before Thanksgiving.
Is this part of the curriculum? Not really, but for Mr. Finger's students at CHS, caring for others both in the classroom and beyond is a lesson worth learning.
Donated items

Mr. Finger and some of his A.L.L. students

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