Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Story Behind Keeping CHS Athletes Safe

Did you know that CHS offers 27 different sports for its students? Everything from football to golf to cross country to bowling. Hundreds of CHS students participate and enjoy the great opportunity to be on a team and compete. But...with sports comes the possibility of injury. Meet the man behind keeping up with all CHS athletes and their injuries: Mr. Tom Lafleur, the sports trainer for CHS.
Tom is actually an employee of St. Joseph Mercy Health system and spends his summers in one of their clinics. However, once the Fall sports begin, he's right where he loves to be: on the field, courts, tracks and diamonds next to athletes. A majority of his time is spent taping athlete's ankles and other preventative measures before games and practices as well as checking in with coaches as to injuries. Another responsibility of Tom's is to have a presence at games with potential contact. This includes football games, track meets, baseball & softball games, wrestling matches, hockey & soccer games as well as lacrosse. Should any injury happen during a contest, Tom is the first medical presence to help guide the best treatment. Too much of sports? Not to Tom. He loves what he does and it shows in the quality of the CHS athletic programs.
Trainer Tom checking with a Bulldog during a football game

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