Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Link Crew Story: providing passage from the middle school

How does a school make sure over 200 freshmen know their way around a new school, establish friends with upperclassmen, and feel welcome to high school? Easy: Link Crew! The CHS Link Crew is a group, funded partly through the generosity of the Chelsea Education Foundation,  of 50  11th and 12th grade students representing a diversity of social groups in the school. Each Link Crew member must apply to be a part of this group then go through a group interview. Students selected then voluntarily attend 2 full days of orientation and training over the summer to equip them to meet the needs of incoming freshmen.
The first event for the Link Crew was hosting the freshmen orientation day on August 30th. Each Link Crew leader was responsible to lead activities throughout the day toward helping our new freshmen feel a part of CHS. Throughout the year, Link Crew will continue their connection with freshmen through hosting a football tailgate (this Friday before the game) and other fun activities during the school day.
Making sure freshmen feel a part of the CHS "family" is a priority and an important part of starting a student's high school career. Thank you, Link Crew, for helping to make this story a great one for so many freshmen!
The Freshmen Orientation Day this August: Link Crew leaders in Yellow

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