Monday, September 23, 2013

The Blue Print Story

Creating a school newspaper requires a lot of work, time and effort. Just ask the sixteen CHS students who are on the staff of the school newspaper, the Blue Print. Under the guidance of the advisor Mr. John Groesser, these sixteen students meet once or twice a week on their own time to create 8 issues of the paper. Each edition of the Blue Print takes approximately four weeks to write from start to finish. Editor-in-chief, senior Mikhaila Babycz, works with her team to distribute assignments. Each student takes a section of the paper to craft. Most of the staff are admittedly strong language arts students, but that's not the reason for their participation in this group. When asked why any students would spend personal time working on a paper that is not a requirement for a class, the members of the Blue Print responded with reasons such as, "It's fun", "You get to work together on a team", and "It's a great feeling to see the finished product - something to be proud of." Whatever the reason, the hard work behind the scenes of the Blue Print is much appreciated!
Members of the CHS Blue Print staff hard at work on the first edition


  1. Thanks for sharing Luman! What a hard working bunch :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Luman! What a hard working group :)