Friday, September 27, 2013

The Story of Homecoming Pep Assembly

One tradition of Fall at CHS is homecoming. Dress up days, crazy competitions among the grade levels during lunch and nominations for homecoming queen all are a fun part of this week. The culminating activity for the school week is the pep assembly Friday afternoon. This is one of the few times the entire student body is together. The band plays, the cheerleaders lead in the fight song and the grade levels battle each other in competitions like pie eating and dodge ball to see who is crowned the champion for the week. And of course...everyone is dressed in the school colors: blue and gold. No matter the grade level, no matter the sport - every student belongs to the Bulldog family and the homecoming assembly is the perfect way to show pride in our school: Chelsea High.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Blue Print Story

Creating a school newspaper requires a lot of work, time and effort. Just ask the sixteen CHS students who are on the staff of the school newspaper, the Blue Print. Under the guidance of the advisor Mr. John Groesser, these sixteen students meet once or twice a week on their own time to create 8 issues of the paper. Each edition of the Blue Print takes approximately four weeks to write from start to finish. Editor-in-chief, senior Mikhaila Babycz, works with her team to distribute assignments. Each student takes a section of the paper to craft. Most of the staff are admittedly strong language arts students, but that's not the reason for their participation in this group. When asked why any students would spend personal time working on a paper that is not a requirement for a class, the members of the Blue Print responded with reasons such as, "It's fun", "You get to work together on a team", and "It's a great feeling to see the finished product - something to be proud of." Whatever the reason, the hard work behind the scenes of the Blue Print is much appreciated!
Members of the CHS Blue Print staff hard at work on the first edition

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Story Behind Keeping CHS Athletes Safe

Did you know that CHS offers 27 different sports for its students? Everything from football to golf to cross country to bowling. Hundreds of CHS students participate and enjoy the great opportunity to be on a team and compete. But...with sports comes the possibility of injury. Meet the man behind keeping up with all CHS athletes and their injuries: Mr. Tom Lafleur, the sports trainer for CHS.
Tom is actually an employee of St. Joseph Mercy Health system and spends his summers in one of their clinics. However, once the Fall sports begin, he's right where he loves to be: on the field, courts, tracks and diamonds next to athletes. A majority of his time is spent taping athlete's ankles and other preventative measures before games and practices as well as checking in with coaches as to injuries. Another responsibility of Tom's is to have a presence at games with potential contact. This includes football games, track meets, baseball & softball games, wrestling matches, hockey & soccer games as well as lacrosse. Should any injury happen during a contest, Tom is the first medical presence to help guide the best treatment. Too much of sports? Not to Tom. He loves what he does and it shows in the quality of the CHS athletic programs.
Trainer Tom checking with a Bulldog during a football game

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Link Crew Story: providing passage from the middle school

How does a school make sure over 200 freshmen know their way around a new school, establish friends with upperclassmen, and feel welcome to high school? Easy: Link Crew! The CHS Link Crew is a group, funded partly through the generosity of the Chelsea Education Foundation,  of 50  11th and 12th grade students representing a diversity of social groups in the school. Each Link Crew member must apply to be a part of this group then go through a group interview. Students selected then voluntarily attend 2 full days of orientation and training over the summer to equip them to meet the needs of incoming freshmen.
The first event for the Link Crew was hosting the freshmen orientation day on August 30th. Each Link Crew leader was responsible to lead activities throughout the day toward helping our new freshmen feel a part of CHS. Throughout the year, Link Crew will continue their connection with freshmen through hosting a football tailgate (this Friday before the game) and other fun activities during the school day.
Making sure freshmen feel a part of the CHS "family" is a priority and an important part of starting a student's high school career. Thank you, Link Crew, for helping to make this story a great one for so many freshmen!
The Freshmen Orientation Day this August: Link Crew leaders in Yellow

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The CHS Story

Chelsea High School is full of stories. Some stories are obvious and involve a large number of our school family: Friday night football games, holiday music concerts, graduation. Some stories are subtle and are seen by only a small handful: a student passing a class he thought he'd never be able to, an act of kindness in the hallway, a smile from a teacher. Regardless of their size or reach, stories such as these weave a tapestry of the CHS experience. 
For this next school year, check out our blog to find out about these stories. You'll become acquainted with stories of big success, stories of overcoming adversity, stories of humble gestures...all of which compose the larger CHS family and experience.