Friday, December 13, 2013

The Story behind lunch...every day

Most of the attention CHS draws centers around the classrooms and learning  - as well it should. However, in order for students to learn and achieve, the body as well as the mind must be fed. This is where the CHS food services crew plays a critical role in the success of students.
What does it take to make sure a whole school has adequate and nutritious food to enable great learning? The process in the CHS kitchen begins as early as 6:30 a.m. Five kitchen and two office staff members work for several hours to prepare the required food for lunch beginning at 10:30. To serve nearly 300 meals a day, the CHS food service personnel do such things as make 18 dozen cookies a day, make lasagna from scratch, prepare 20 specialty salads or prepare 200 servings of mashed potatoes. The process ends a couple hours later: washing dishes and beginning preparation for the next days' meals.
Check out the food service website for some of their own recipes:

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Story behind Putting on a Show

The third weekend of November saw the performances of the CHS production of the musical "Guys and Dolls." Those who were fortunate to see the show enjoyed the songs, the set, the costumes, and live music. Most likely, very few (other than parents of the students involved!) realized the immense effort performing a full musical demands.
What are the demands for performing a high school musical? For starters, people. A musical needs a producer and director (Carrie Sayer), an orchestra director (Rick Catherman), an auditorium manager and set designer (Chuck Griffin)...and a pianist, a costumer, a choreographer, someone in charge of makeup, a publicity director, multiple technicians, a stage manager, an army of parent volunteers to provide food and other services...and of course, the many musicians and actors/actresses. Next, a show must have time - and lots of it. Students tried out for the various roles in the script days after school started and began practices immediately after that: 10 weeks of rehearsing in all. As the performance dates drew closer, students on stage and in the orchestra would frequently rehearse 5 hours a night in preparation. A show demands communication and teamwork as well. Parents need to know pick-up times. The set director needs to know which sets to build. The pit director and producer have to align their rehearsal times. The make-up artist wants to show up with her kit for the right scenes. Keeping everyone in the loop weekly - if not daily - must happen in order for a show to be ready for performance. And finally...a show demands that all involved have fun.  Performing a full musical requires time, effort, perseverance...but in the end those who are involved enjoy every minute of the journey.
The Director and cast of "Guys and Dolls"

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

National Merit Scholarship Program
The National Merit Scholarship Corporation recognizes and honors some of the most academically talented students in the nation.  Approximately 1.5 million students apply for this distinction.  Nearly 34,000 applicants will reach "Commended" status, while only 16,000 will reach "Semi-Finalist" distinction in hopes to reach the "Finalist" distinction. The following CHS students have either earned "commended" or "semi-finalist"status: 

Commended: Adam Bowersox, Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Noble, & Maya Pifer

Semi Finalists: Alexandra Reynolds, James Struab, ErinJen Lin

This is a great honor and a tremendous achievement for these students and we are very proud of their academic achievements.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Story of Giving

For Mr. Finger's Academic Learning Lab (A.L.L.) students, time in class is much more than learning a subject. A.L.L. students learn what community means: "We take care of our own" is a phrase used to describe the care and concern expected of each student toward other members in the class.
Recently, students have come to think of "our own" as including people outside the four walls of their classroom. "Our own" began to mean individuals and families in the greater Chelsea area who may need others' care and concern. And so began the charge for A.L.L. students to collect an array of items to donate to Chelsea's Faith in Action charity. Leading the charge for collecting items such as canned goods, bedding, toys, toothbrushes and diapers are students Lexi Beatty, Candice Williams and Chloe Millard. Everything will be donated before Thanksgiving.
Is this part of the curriculum? Not really, but for Mr. Finger's students at CHS, caring for others both in the classroom and beyond is a lesson worth learning.
Donated items

Mr. Finger and some of his A.L.L. students

Friday, October 25, 2013

The story behind a "new" cafeteria

"School cafeteria". Various connotations no doubt come to mind upon hearing these words...and most are likely negative. Drab walls, old tiles and worn-out table and chairs may be the experience for many and contribute to these connotations.
During this past summer, CHS received several major building renovations and up-dates; one of which was new cafeteria furniture. New for 2013-2014: round, cafe-style tables, waist-high rectangular tables with stools and wavy long tables with individual seats. Our new furniture has not only granted a roomier feel during our three different lunch periods, but adds yet another reason for students, staff and the community to take pride in our building...and our cafeteria. We invite you to stop by to take a look at our "new" cafeteria - it may change your mind about what a "school cafeteria" is like!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The story behind studying food?

Food isn't a part of the curriculum at it? It is if you're a part of Ms. Waldo's "Foods 1" class! Students in these classes investigate a large spectrum having to do with food. Nutrition, proper handling of utensils and appliances, proper handling of food are just a small sample of some of the items Ms. Waldo covers with her students.
But of course, the real fun begins when the students walk into the kitchen next door to the classroom. This kitchen is stocked with a handful of stoves, sinks and every sort of kitchen utensil. Students roll up their sleeves and begin their hands-on practice of the tips and kitchen techniques learned in the class. The best part: eating your work!
Ms. Waldo's kitchen in full swing

Several students taking a break to eat their work
Ms. Waldo providing advice to one of her students

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Story of Homecoming Pep Assembly

One tradition of Fall at CHS is homecoming. Dress up days, crazy competitions among the grade levels during lunch and nominations for homecoming queen all are a fun part of this week. The culminating activity for the school week is the pep assembly Friday afternoon. This is one of the few times the entire student body is together. The band plays, the cheerleaders lead in the fight song and the grade levels battle each other in competitions like pie eating and dodge ball to see who is crowned the champion for the week. And of course...everyone is dressed in the school colors: blue and gold. No matter the grade level, no matter the sport - every student belongs to the Bulldog family and the homecoming assembly is the perfect way to show pride in our school: Chelsea High.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Blue Print Story

Creating a school newspaper requires a lot of work, time and effort. Just ask the sixteen CHS students who are on the staff of the school newspaper, the Blue Print. Under the guidance of the advisor Mr. John Groesser, these sixteen students meet once or twice a week on their own time to create 8 issues of the paper. Each edition of the Blue Print takes approximately four weeks to write from start to finish. Editor-in-chief, senior Mikhaila Babycz, works with her team to distribute assignments. Each student takes a section of the paper to craft. Most of the staff are admittedly strong language arts students, but that's not the reason for their participation in this group. When asked why any students would spend personal time working on a paper that is not a requirement for a class, the members of the Blue Print responded with reasons such as, "It's fun", "You get to work together on a team", and "It's a great feeling to see the finished product - something to be proud of." Whatever the reason, the hard work behind the scenes of the Blue Print is much appreciated!
Members of the CHS Blue Print staff hard at work on the first edition

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Story Behind Keeping CHS Athletes Safe

Did you know that CHS offers 27 different sports for its students? Everything from football to golf to cross country to bowling. Hundreds of CHS students participate and enjoy the great opportunity to be on a team and compete. But...with sports comes the possibility of injury. Meet the man behind keeping up with all CHS athletes and their injuries: Mr. Tom Lafleur, the sports trainer for CHS.
Tom is actually an employee of St. Joseph Mercy Health system and spends his summers in one of their clinics. However, once the Fall sports begin, he's right where he loves to be: on the field, courts, tracks and diamonds next to athletes. A majority of his time is spent taping athlete's ankles and other preventative measures before games and practices as well as checking in with coaches as to injuries. Another responsibility of Tom's is to have a presence at games with potential contact. This includes football games, track meets, baseball & softball games, wrestling matches, hockey & soccer games as well as lacrosse. Should any injury happen during a contest, Tom is the first medical presence to help guide the best treatment. Too much of sports? Not to Tom. He loves what he does and it shows in the quality of the CHS athletic programs.
Trainer Tom checking with a Bulldog during a football game

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Link Crew Story: providing passage from the middle school

How does a school make sure over 200 freshmen know their way around a new school, establish friends with upperclassmen, and feel welcome to high school? Easy: Link Crew! The CHS Link Crew is a group, funded partly through the generosity of the Chelsea Education Foundation,  of 50  11th and 12th grade students representing a diversity of social groups in the school. Each Link Crew member must apply to be a part of this group then go through a group interview. Students selected then voluntarily attend 2 full days of orientation and training over the summer to equip them to meet the needs of incoming freshmen.
The first event for the Link Crew was hosting the freshmen orientation day on August 30th. Each Link Crew leader was responsible to lead activities throughout the day toward helping our new freshmen feel a part of CHS. Throughout the year, Link Crew will continue their connection with freshmen through hosting a football tailgate (this Friday before the game) and other fun activities during the school day.
Making sure freshmen feel a part of the CHS "family" is a priority and an important part of starting a student's high school career. Thank you, Link Crew, for helping to make this story a great one for so many freshmen!
The Freshmen Orientation Day this August: Link Crew leaders in Yellow

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The CHS Story

Chelsea High School is full of stories. Some stories are obvious and involve a large number of our school family: Friday night football games, holiday music concerts, graduation. Some stories are subtle and are seen by only a small handful: a student passing a class he thought he'd never be able to, an act of kindness in the hallway, a smile from a teacher. Regardless of their size or reach, stories such as these weave a tapestry of the CHS experience. 
For this next school year, check out our blog to find out about these stories. You'll become acquainted with stories of big success, stories of overcoming adversity, stories of humble gestures...all of which compose the larger CHS family and experience.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring has sprung a leak!

I believe we were duped into a false sense of security last year when temperatures touched 80 degrees in April.  For those of you who have followed the weather patterns over the past few days, or were outside yesterday at the Winter Track Classic at CHS, you know this certainly is not the case.  The start of warmer weather signifies the push towards the end of the school year as well as the promise of a successful athletic season.

Here's to hoping 80 degrees and sunny skies are just around the corner.  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Proud of our Bulldog athletes and coaches

As the Winter sports season comes to a close, several teams, athletes and coaches have excelled on the court, pool, ice, mat and bowling lanes.

Here is a short recap:

Our Boys Bowling team won the SEC White Division. Jesse Stebelton and Zack Stephenson were also D2 state qualifiers. Coach Greenleaf has done a great job at growing the bowling program over the past two years.

Our Bulldog Wrestlers won the SEC White and three students made it to the state tournament at the Palace: Steven Bleise, Michael Hovater and Avery Osentoski. Steven will wrestle today for a state championship in the 135 pound weight class. Coach Kerry Kargel has been a staple of Chelsea wrestling and our kids have benefited from his leadership this season.

The Boys Swimming team had one of their best seasons ever which saw two long-standing pool records fall. Congratulations to David Alday, Nick Deppner, Sam Almhiemid and Nick Burris for breaking the 200m relay record as well as David Alday who also broke the 200 IM record. Coach Jolly has done a tremendous job at guiding his team this year. We look forward to the team's performance at the state meet on Mach 8.

Last night, the Girls Varsity Basketball team won another district title over Lumen Christi. A job well done by Coach Blomquist and the girls. They will play this Tuesday night against Jackson Northwest at Parma Western.

Coach Wright and the Boys Varsity Hockey team continued their winning tradition by claiming another SEC White championship. They will attempt to secure a second consecutive Regional title tonight against Allen Park at Allen Park.

We are also very proud and thankful for our community and parental support. Without your behind the scenes efforts (i.e. cooking team meals, running the concession stand at events, driving our kids to early morning practices) we certainly would not have had the level of success that we have collectively achieved this year.

For all of the reasons above and many many more, I am proud to call myself a Bulldog!

Mike Kapolka

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Attention juniors and seniors: A Financial Aid Workshop will be held on Wednesday evening at 6: 30 p.m. in the auditorium. Please be sure to share this information with your parents. This is a very informative meeting that you won’t want to miss.

Student Council members - there is full council meeting this Wednesday at 8:22am in the auditorium It is very important that everyone is there because we will be discussing Winter Carnival and the Regional CONNECT conference.

JUNIORS - if you are interested in helping with prom this year please join us for a meeting this Thursday at 7pm over at WSEC in the board room. Any and all juniors are welcome. We especially need artists, project planners and construction workers. If you have skills in any of these areas we really need your help.

Winter Carnival begins the week of February 4 and Student Council has decided on a Star Wars theme. Guys in the class will be competing as Jedi knights. The girls from each class will be nominating the Jedi knights next Thursday in 4th hour. Girls - please consider someone who has strives for excellence in courage, spirit, insight, strength and intellect and nominate him for your class Jedi knight.

Students - just a reminder - to ensure the safety of you and all your friends it is vitally important that you register your vehicle if you park it on school property. If you have not already done so - please register your vehicle on the high school website. Permits cost $20 and can be picked up in the Commons at lunch every Wednesday. We will be writing tickets this week so don't delay. Also - if you receive a third ticket you will be given a discipline referral and will have a meeting with an administrator to discuss your actions.

To all girls interested in playing softball this spring, there will be a meeting Wednesday at 7:40am in the team room. Information on hitting and pitching times and conditioning will be given.

Any boys playing baseball this spring there will be a meeting Wednesday at 7:40a in the weight room. This is for 9th, JV and varsity.

There will be an NHS meeting Wednesday at 7:20a in Mrs. Holmes room.